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Readers About International Life Magazine

Dear Friends, I am sincerely glad that a publication exists that can impartially and objectively appraise the contributions of a particular person to the development and prosperity of the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to note the extraordinary and professional qualities
of the president and organizer of International Life magazine, Nina Melnichenko, who through her activism brings good to all of society. Nina deserves special appreciation for organizing a successful publication, which is carrying out its mission of reporting on the work of charitable organizations and
the activities of philanthropists.

I hope that philanthropists and charitable organizations will understand the need to establish the Worldwide Association of Philanthropists and Charitable Organizations and the possibilities the Association presents for collaboration on global projects and charitable programs and for exchange of experiences, new technologies, and ideas for the good of humankind. I would also like to
express my hope for the fruitful and active participation of everyone who is able to contribute
their efforts to the new Worldwide Association of Philanthropists and Charitable Organizations!

Prosperity, success, and good luck to you!

Sincerely yours,
Baron Falz-Fein

Dear Rotary Friends, Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on launching a wonderful project - the International Life magazine.

I share your idea of supporting and highlighting cross-cultural programs of Rotarians all around the world. Collaboration of Rotarians from different nations promotes peace and better understanding among members of our world community. I congratulate you on this most important step, and I wish you the best of luck as you expand your mission of promoting cooperation and understanding between members of different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This is a most meaningful and noble mission.

It is gratifying to know that the magazine website runs in five major languages. It will attract and widen the readerís audience, providing them with a platform for the exchange of opinions, new ideas and programs of Rotary clubs around the world. Additionally, it will serve as an information source
for the announcement of new projects for clubs and districts in the Rotary world.

May the best former experiences shown in the international lane of service of Rotary produce new momentum and reinforce the need for peace and prosperity! Positive endeavors, wherever and whenever accomplished reflect great credit upon the world Rotary movement. I encourage all my Rotary friends around the world to support your project as we learn about existing and new
Rotary endeavors to help those in need in the four corners of the world.

Yours in Rotary service,
Jon J. Eiche, Past District Governor
U.S. National Coordinator for Intercountry
President, U.S.-Russia
Intercountry Committee

Hello Rotarians, Salutes to the whole barrack of fighters to this Panacea the world demands in today. One word or a phrase or a whole bibliopoly would never ascertain or would comprehend
the immense effect of this program called International Life, magazine.

However naming one person would be an insult to the other as I believe that its always the flock of nightingale that gifted the Rotary world with this chorus called International Life. Anna and Nina, Hats off to the International Life team! The kind of rumble this broadax mixture help trigger the harvest of the next Rotarian Year is beyond what you could imagine in the boundaries of a mortal existence. My team at Rotary Club of Trivandrum Royal, Dist 3211 is all with this new drive to outcast the permissible levels. In the last meeting our Dist Gov. 3211, Rtn Major Donor T N Koshy Panickar specially communicated his appreciation for your works with the magazine,í INTERNATIONAL LIFEí The need to evolve a concept was the need of the hour, but may I tell you the fruits its already started bearing would be the richest of any seasons that the calendarsí saw.

Individual club emancipation, addressing the programs and visually representing them helps the world truly understand the channeled spirit of a Rotarian and his commitment to NOT a Nationís, BUT the world Humanitarian front.

Rtn MPHF J Moses (Joseph D'cruz)
President Rotary Club of Trivandrum Royal, India


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