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Dear Friends,

What is philanthropy?

There are some words that have taken on multiple meanings, nuances, and uses throughout their history. “Philanthropy” is one such word. The literal meaning of this word is clear from its Greek roots: “phil” meaning loving or having an affinity for, “anthrop” meaning human; together “love for one's fellow man.” But for the person who recognizes his or her participation, necessity, and significance in our world, this word can also connote unlimited potential for self-improvement and the chance to enter an amazing new world – a world of new relationships with interesting people, a joyful world of shared labors, a world of unique possibilities.

Many people around the world, having achieved wealth and prosperity through hard work and talent, are ready to share that wealth and knowledge acquired on life's difficult path. International Life magazine is for YOU, those philanthropists, benefactors, patrons and sponsors who are acutely aware of their responsibility before humanity and of the necessity of making the world a better place to live. International Life, a multilingual publication distributed worldwide, along with our companion site,, is a platform for people living on different continents to become acquainted with one another and share information, a bridge between the charitable movement and all the people on the planet.

Please feel free to explore our site. Here you will find the contact information and updates from the various charitable organizations and projects that have been featured in International Life. You are welcome to join in the discussions on our forum. Come converse with philanthropically-minded individuals from around the world about current and future charitable projects, how to get involved, and how we can help each other to help others. Present your ideas, get new ideas from others, arrange a multilateral project with people halfway around the globe, learn about people from other cultures – our forums are open to all, and the possibilities for doing good are endless!

International Life has set before itself the goal of covering the most important and interesting charitable projects touching the lives of people all around the world. By featuring the stories of philanthropic projects and programs in the pages of our magazine and on our website, we strive to assist their successful progress. Join us as we explore countries and cultures new to us through the charitable efforts of people like you. We are sure that with your help, ideas, and suggestions, we can accomplish our goal of becoming your guide to philanthropic and social projects around the world, your introduction to a global array of goods and services, and your go-to source of information about important and interesting international cultural and political events taking place on every continent.

Nina Melnichenko
President of International Life,.LLC.


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